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DuraJet G5 N3A    
DuraJet G5
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DuraJet G5
Thanks to electronic load application and a load range from 9.8 N to 2450 N (1 kgf to 250 kgf), the complete Rockwell range is covered with just one device. Furthermore, tests on plastics and carbon as well as Vickers and Brinell tests can be performed in depth. This flexibility coupled with very simple operation predestines the DuraJet G5 for use wherever several devices have previously been used in different configurations.
DuraJet G5 For the complete Rockwell scale with
  • Electronic load application
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Network connection
The load is applied with a 180 pivoting hand lever. (pre-load and main load stage).
  • Application of pre-load
  • Application of main load
  • Application of second pre-load
  • Back to starting position