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What is ecos Workflow areaMASTER?
The optional areaMASTER software module from EMCO-TEST is your convenient assistant when it comes to automated solutions for complex hardness testing requirements. It supports laboratory users who need a large number of test points on a defined surface or along the edge of a specimen.

The integrated hardness map – a colour image of surface hardness distribution – ensures optimal visualisation of your results. Even large amounts of information, such as hardness values and coordinates of test points, are clearly displayed. Because logic, transparency and simple operation are the trademarks of all EMCO-TEST’s software development. areaMASTER is no different. It is integrated in the ecos Workflow software, guaranteeing convenience and a wide range of export options. The software module is available for the EMCO-TEST DuraScan 50, 70 and 80 devices as well as DuraVision 250, 350 and 450.
Edge-Assistant   Edge-Assistant: precise edge scanning
With Edge-Assistant, the edge of the sample can be digitised  with the help of the evaluation lens, either completely  or in partial segments. The contour line produced is extremely precise and is used for positioning the test points. This allows a large number of points to be placed very precisely on the edge layer. Edge-Assistant also provides very effective support for surface measurements right up to the test edge.
Hardness Map   Hardness Map: first class presentation
ecos Workflow areaMASTER’s hardness map function adds a new dimension in information and presentation quality. With uniform distribution of test points across the entire surface, the hardness profile can – depending on the number and spacing – be defined for the whole test surface or for a specific area. areaMASTER provides you with a wealth of innovative tools, with which you can quickly and easily position a large number of precise test points.
A further strength of areaMASTER is in visualisation. Your results can be displayed either as a 2D colour image or as 3D diagram. The choice is yours. Comprehensive configuration options allow you to adjust the display to your individual requirements. Pictures and diagrams can be exported as usual and integrated into test reports.